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Hanging a mirror without a frame doesn’t have to be a hassle as there are ways you can display your perfect piece without having to have an engineering degree! Mirror Outlet not only stock a huge range, making us the biggest UK online retailer for mirrors, but did you know that we also provide fixtures and adhesives, so you can hang your favourite design without any fuss?

Frameless Mirrors Don't Have to Be Venetian!

Frameless mirrors are a gorgeous addition to any home as they bring a sleek modernity to their space and the larger the mirror, the larger your room will appear! A frameless mirror doesn’t have to simply be Venetian, instead a mirror can act as art and be used to create a statement. Take the Love All Glass Collage Heart Mirror for example, with its quirky yet unique mosaic design.

Use Adhesive to Hang a Mirror

However, many people think that a mirror without a frame is near impossible to hang from your wall. Usually clips are used to secure a Venetian or frameless mirror, but did you know that you can use an adhesive instead? Firstly, measure out the area where you want the mirror to hang and mark it with a pencil along with a vertical centre mark. It is also recommended that you give the back of the mirror a thorough clean with rubbing alcohol to help the adhesive really stick. Once you’ve put the glue on the mirror line it up on the wall and fully press it against the surface! Your frameless mirror will look great in your home using extra strong adhesive glue.

If you’re still unsure on choosing a mirror that is right for you, why not have a look at the full range of Venetian and frameless mirrors from Mirror Outlet here?

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