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0ft - 1ft

Welcome to the 0ft to 1ft sized mirror section at Mirror Outlet, the smallest selection of mirrors that are available on the entire website. Although the mirrors within this section are small in size, they can be massively effective when used in the right way! Within this section you'll find garden mirrors, scatter mirrors, and useful mirror accessories, so be sure to explore the products in this section below as your dream mirror may be among them!
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Mirror Fixing

Don't forget your mirror fixings

In order to ensure your new addition is secured safely to your walls, it’s important that you remember to obtain the correct fixtures and fittings for your new mirror! We have an extensive range of fittings suitable for an array of mirror types.

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FAST, FREE UK Delivery on all Full Length Mirror Orders

Mirror Outlet provide free nationwide delivery, ensuring that your mirror arrives safely and quickly.

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If you would like more information on any of the mirrors that we sell, or if you would like advice on a mirror to best suit your space, get in touch with our team today. Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries you have. Alternatively, you can contact us online for a call back at your request.