Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Colour Palette for your Home

Choosing colours for your home’s interior is an enjoyable yet challenging task to get right. Not only do you have to work with the layout of your premises, you also need to consider factors like the amount of light, your existing furniture, and the style you want to achieve. Get the colours right and you can add value to your home.

The 60-30-10 decorating rule can help you match colours, textures, and accents. Fill 60% of your room with a main colour and 30% with a secondary colour. The remaining 10% should be accents, such as mirrors or wall photographs. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but it’s a great starting point nonetheless.

It’s worth noting that not all rooms in your home need to be the same colour. You can mix things up to add more personality. It is also best to stay clear of anything that is on trend. Avoid the ‘flavour of the month’. Instead, look to create something that is timeless, or at least will not feel dated in a couple of years.

Below, we outline popular colour schemes and give examples of the mirrors you might like to purchase to complete the perfect design for your home.


Minimalist and modern, white is effective in many rooms of the home, especially the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. Combined with a monochrome colour scheme, white can give a clean retro feel. Combine the scheme with an Art Deco mirror to complete the look. Or opt for a dark frame mirror to give a contrasting effect.


If you want a natural, earthy feel that will easily mix with lighter wall colours, choose brown. Brown furniture often works well with white and near-white paint shades. But you can also experiment with brown and earthy tone walls for a cosy, warm feel. Wood mirrors are a great choice, as are venetian and sunburst mirrors.


Grey can give a calm, modern twist to any home. Commonly used in the bedroom or bathroom, grey appears sleek, contemporary, and clean. Frameless and dress mirrors are perfect accessories and add finishing touches to the interior. If using grey in the bathroom, also consider a carefully positioned bathroom mirror.


Inject a blast of regal colour into your home with gold tones. Contrast it with darker, more neutral or earthy shades to achieve your desired look and feel. It’s best to err on the side of caution with gold. Avoid painting whole walls. Instead use it sparingly with a variety of accessories and accents. A gold framed mirror finishes the look.

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