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Large mirrors are the perfect way to make small spaces feel larger and dark rooms appear lighter. However, it’s important to know how to hang a large mirror safely and securely when attaching it on to your wall. At Mirror Outlet, we like to provide you with all the tips, tricks and necessary information you need when it comes to all thing’s mirrors. So, if you’re looking to hang a brand-new large wall mirror, but don’t know where to start, we can help!

Determine your type of wall

Your wall material is a key factor that will help you decide on the type of tools and attachments you need to use when hanging your mirror on the wall. Interior walls can be constructed from a variety of materials, most commonly, wooden stud is the most used framed wall system with a drywall finish. Other wall structures and finishes include, brick, concrete or tile. When hanging a large wall mirror, ideally you should place it where there is a wooden stud, so the hardware is secured by a strong element. However, depending on the anchors you are using to place the mirror, this may not be necessary.

Placing the mirror


To hang a large wall mirror, you can use hooks, cleats, wires or brackets. The appropriate anchor needs to be strong enough to hold your mirror on to the wall, so make sure you have checked the hardware weight limits on the packaging when buying the correct attachments. Once you are in line with a wooden stud or have marked up the desired spot for your mirror, install your wall anchor and attach the hardware. For drywalls you will need to use a standard drill. Harder materials like brick, concrete or tile may need a specialty drill or you might have to enlist some help from an expert.

Your new mirror can then be placed for all to enjoy!

Top Tips for hanging heavy or large mirrors:

• If you are placing your mirror onto a drywall, drywall anchors can be a good tool to add strength and stability, as they secure the screw.

• Declutter the room to ensure your safety.

• Use a level to draw a line across the wall. This way, your mirror will be parallel to the floor and you won’t need to worry about whether it’s straight or not.

• Enlist a helper if the mirror is heavy!


How to hang a big mirror that doesn't have hooks

If your mirror does not have hooks then the next best alternative is to use adhesive tape to stick your mirror onto the wall. Start by wiping the wall down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Measure the mirror and cut the tape to size and stick to the rear of the mirror, then remove the backing and press firmly against the wall. Keep it there for a minute or two to ensure that it is properly stuck.

How to hang a heavy mirror on drywall

Generally, every 12"x12" span of 1/2" thick drywall can hold around 40 pounds in weight, so be sure to know what your mirror weighs and the weight thresholds of your specific plaster wall. When hanging a large or heavy mirror on a plaster wall it’s essential to use heavy-duty, high-quality studs or anchors.

The anchors will have weight thresholds too, so be sure to get suitable ones for the weight of your mirror. The mirror will hang from two points on the wall, both equally spaced out. First, measure and drill the hanging spots on the wall and tap in your heavy-duty anchors. Once the anchors are fixed in place, you should be able to hang your mirror with no issues.

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How to hang a heavy mirror without a stud

If you don’t have any studs to tap into your drywall and screw hooks into then you will require some form of heavy-duty anchor in its place. Anchors can be placed into screw holes in your wall as an alternative to a stud. One plus of this is that these anchors can generally hold more weight which is especially useful if you have a heavy mirror.

How to hang a heavy mirror on a brick wall

Hanging a heavy mirror on a brick wall is somewhat more tricky than using a drywall or plasterboard wall. You require more specialist equipment such as a hammer drill that is able to drill through stone. Just like any other mirror placement, measure the location of the hooks and mark them with a pencil. Drill your holes and tap in the stud then screw in your hanging screws. Brick walls hold much more weight than other wall types so there is not much worry about the mirror being too heavy.

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