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Gym Mirrors / Mirror Glass

Gym Mirrors / Mirror Glass

Make sure your customers can monitor their every move thanks to our gym / dance studio mirror glass options.

Mirror Outlet’s gym mirrors range can help you turn your empty space into a functional area for exercise, whether that be a dance studio or a gym. They’re also great in large bathrooms and hallways, with sizes to meet all needs. Our cut, polished and bevelled-edge mirror sheets are manufactured to high British standards and available in 3mm or 4mm thickness.

For direct attachment to a wall, our EverGrip extra-strong adhesive is shock-resistant, preventing breakages and damage. If you want mounted mirror glass, we also have sheets with ready-drilled holes and screw fittings included at great prices.

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Gym wall mirrors cut to size

We appreciate that not all gyms are the same. That’s why we offer multiple different variations of our gym mirrors in different shapes and sizes, with different levels of thickness depending on durability requirements.

Whether you need a round or a square mirror, bevelled or smooth edges, drill holes or adhesive alternatives, there are plenty of different options here at the Mirror Outlet to fit your space requirements. One of the most popular options is our 4mm Mirror Glass Sheet.

Made For More Than Just Fitness Purposes

Discover a wide range of sheet glass available from Mirror Outlet. These high-quality mirrors are ideal for gyms, health clubs, dance studios and much more. Provide your clients with high quality wall-to-ceiling panels, also suitable for hotel lobbies, office spaces and salons. As the UK’s leading online mirror retailer, we also offer extra strong wall grip glue adhesive strips for easy installation. Keep reading below to find out how to easily fit one of our sheet mirrors.

Mirror sheet glass alternative ideas

As well as pre-cut large gym mirrors, we also offer mirror sheet glass alternatives, allowing you to decide from a wide range of shapes and sizes depending on your space requirements. Speak to one of our friendly advisors today on 01908223388 to discuss your mirror sheet glass options.

Why choose a gym and dance mirror?

These high-quality, scratch-resistant sheet mirrors offer great functionality and a professional look. They’re ideal for commercial gyms, health clubs, dance studios and even some home bathrooms. Large gym mirrors can stretch floor-to-ceiling, so your patrons can view every move they make.

For sheer versatility, the Circuitt Safety Backed 3mm Sheet Mirror Glass cut to 183 x 122 CM is a big hit with our customers; for just a few pounds more you can pick up a Circuitt sheet with the same dimensions and a sturdy 4mm thickness.

Free UK Delivery for Mirror Glass Sheets

Free delivery, returns and exchanges are available on all our gym mirror panels. Our specialist delivery system means that sheets in this section will be delivered with no packaging. Check out the delivery schedule for UK mirror orders.

How do you fit a gym mirror?

Installing one of our gym mirrors from Mirror Outlet is quick, easy and safe. When choosing a gym mirror, remember to consider the dimensions accurately, including any protrusions like piping or electrical sockets. Lots of our sheet mirrors come with the option of drill holes, allowing for easy installation with a standard drill. When drilling the mirror sheet to the wall, it’s important to take your time and not apply too much pressure as the mirror may crack or shatter, causing potential damage and health and safety risks.

Discover a wide range of sheet glass available from Mirror Outlet and also get your extra strong wall grip glue adhesive strips and fixings for easy installation.

Regardless of which mirror you pick, Mirror Outlet stock a wide range of long lasting and easy to use mirror fixings.

Where can sheet mirrors be used?

Of course, gym mirrors are most widely used in gyms, dance studios, and any other place where you have to view yourself during physical activity. The key features of studio mirrors are durability and safety. If the mirror is weak or flimsy, then there is the risk of it cracking or breaking when struck. Instead, gym mirrors should be strong and durable, able to withstand accidental impact.

However, gym mirrors don’t have to always go into the fitness studio. Depending on your style preferences, gym mirrors can also go into normal rooms such as bathrooms or hallways. The long and wide nature of them makes them a perfect addition to any large wall in the home, possibly replacing wall art or filling an empty space.

Don't Want To Pay Full Price for your Gym Mirror?

Here at the Mirror Outlet, there is a wide range of gym mirrors and different options such as width, length, drill holes and other features that will affect the cost. For this reason, the cost is relative, the larger the mirror the higher the cost. However, if you are looking for the perfect dance studio mirror while on a tight budget, you could see what suits you and your establishment from our huge clearance section, that's packed with amazing deals . Browse our latest offering of cheap mirrors on sale.

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