How to Use Large Mirrors to Make Space In A Small Home

It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes we can’t all live in giant mansions with endless rooms, and we have to make do with the space that we have. If you have a small living room, kitchen, bedroom or garden, have you thought of using a large mirror to create the illusion of space? Mirror Outlet are the biggest online UK retailers of mirrors, and our range is sure to inspire you to open up even the smallest of spaces.


Floor Length Mirrors

Placing a full-length floor mirror in the corner of a room or in an area that is usually considered a tight space can open up a room. Your furniture will look like it has a purpose instead of being cramped into a tiny room. You can either prop the mirror against the wall or hang it for the full effect. Try a mirror with a white frame to create the illusion of light and brightness such as this Norfolk Aged White Elegant Antique Mirror.

When it comes to creating space, a free-standing mirror can work wonders.


Large Wall Mirrors

Turning a large mirror horizontally can also open a room up a room, especially above a mantlepiece or a sideboard. Alternatively, having a mirror across from a window will not only reflect the light back into the room, but can also create the illusion of a window itself. If this doesn’t work, try placing your new mirror behind a lamp to extend the light’s reach. Incorporating a large mirror into your décor can help your small room seem so much bigger, so why not give the Melbury Bronze Extra Large Leaner Mirror a try?

You can find our entire range of large mirrors for sale.


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